Proactive IT Solutions provides IT support to SMEs primarily in Melbourne. We have a strong customer focus and a best practice mind-set.

We believe that IT support isn’t just about fixing problems; but about making sure problems don’t happen, and empowering people to work better. That’s why we guarantee uptime of 99%.

Proactive IT Solutions clients enjoy:

  • affordable, predictable IT expenditure
  • reduction in computer downtime
  • an improvement in IT efficiency
  • greater employee productivity
  • improved business bottom line.

Proactive IT Solutions works best with businesses with five to fifty computers as this is the sweet spot where we can minimise your total cost of ownership of your IT systems by utilising best practice principles in IT systems management.


Proactive IT solutions has evolved from the company known as PC Diagnostics, which was started in 2002 by Damien Battersby. PC Diagnostics operated with a traditional IT systems support model based on rapid response to solve clients’ IT problems. By analysing clients’ needs and studying the needs of the market, Damien observed that the way small and medium sized enterprises were being served by this model was at odds with the best practice approach used by larger enterprises. In these companies, the focus is on issue prevention and optimal alignment of IT systems with business strategy, rather than rapid response to problem resolution. Larger companies really understand the cost of downtime to their business, and recognise that it can be far greater than the cost of developing and maintaining high quality, reliable IT systems which eliminate downtime.

In 2011, Damien decided to change the business model the company was using so that a proactive approach to IT support could be provided to small and medium sized enterprises who want to avoid the cost and disruption of IT system downtime. A change of business name was necessary to represent the new approach of the business.

Proactive IT Solutions’ services are delivered using the latest technology including the most advanced in remote monitoring services combined with a focus on realising the highest possible customer service. Proactive IT Solutions centres on empowering and educating our clients, enabling them to achieve the most out of their IT. At all times Proactive IT Solutions aims to deliver our services effectively, and in an affordable package that offers better value and greater security than any of our competitors.

Proactive IT Solutions clients receive the benefit of enjoying an affordable predictable IT expenditure and reduction in computer downtime and an improvement in IT efficiency; allowing for greater employee productivity which improves the business bottom line. With the reduction of computer breakdowns, our clients can be proactive and focus on future planning for their business, knowing their IT system is the most suitable for their needs.