Business IT Support in Bayswater for Businesses with 5-50 Staff

  • Resolve all your current IT issues
  • Additional IT help (setup, maintenance, upgrade…)
  • Switch to a new, reliable IT provider

All your IT needs expertly taken care of.

Software, hardware, network, security, internet, phones and helpdesk. You’ll never have to worry about any of your IT again.

Server Setup, Maintenance & Support

Server too slow? Time to upgrade?

Computer Setup & Support

Mac or PC problems? Need to update or upgrade?

Networking Setup & Maintenance

Internet too slow? Need remote access?

Phone System Setup & Support

Call quality poor? Need advanced call system features?

Office 365 Setup & Support

Error messages? Email problems?

Managed Cloud Services

Transitioning your applications to the cloud?

Web Hosting & Domain Management

Current host overcharging? Need SSL?

Backup, Security & Disaster Recovery

Want peace of mind for all your data?

You’ll never have to worry about your IT again.

You can leave all of your IT setup and ongoing management to us while you focus on your core business.


No more IT problems

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your technology just worked? No troubleshooting. No waiting.


Reduce your IT costs

Eliminate unnecessary spending and know exactly how much your IT will cost.


Prevent downtime & reduce risks

Get faster internet and make use of best practice security for your systems.

Stuck with your current IT provider?

Stuck with an on-going contract? Looking for a new IT partner who truly understands your needs? Let’s see what we can do.

Testimonials from businesses just like yours

  • "Proactive saved me! The business I work for went offline and our current IT company ignored us. We called and a technician was at my workplace within half an hour and had both our offices running better than we ever have for a very long time."

    Brendan Bywaters
    Brendan Bywaters Harcourts Wantirna Real Estate
  • "I definitely would recommend them; I've actually got a background in IT myself, so I know good work when I see it. They're so great with their communication, always responding to any requests and making sure things are addressed as quickly as possible. We know we can rely on them for support any time and that's very important."

    Tass Dimitracopoulos
    Tass Dimitracopoulos Banner Asset Management
  • "They always work really, really quickly, so whenever we have issues with the computers we know we'll be back up and running in no time at all. They actually want to get the problem solved; they don't just give it one shot and then leave it, they make sure it's resolved and doesn't happen again."

    Jessica George
    Jessica George Noel Jones Real Estate
  • "I would have to say that I would recommend them for sure; their customer service has been amazing. Their availability is one of the key things we rely on. Whenever I have issues I know they will be able to help out to the best of their ability. They also look out for us and try to help us better our performance."

    Linda Blaich
    Linda Blaich Bluff Road Medical Centre
  • "They do what they say. If we have a problem they always action it, if we have questions they always have an answer. If there is anything they cannot fix on the spot for whatever reason then they are efficient in letting us know and the time-frames involved. I can rely on them to complete their actions and haven't been required to chase them."

    Sharon David
    Sharon David Active Weighing Solutions

What’s next?

IT can be stressful and frustrating. If you’re like most companies, all you want is a simple, fast and cost-effective IT solution that you and your team can rely on. Here’s the simple process to get you there.

1. Have a quick chat

Give us a call or send us an online enquiry form

2. Get a customised plan

We’ll assess your whole setup and provide you with options that will best support the needs of your organisation

3. Get your IT under control

We proactively monitor, maintain and support your technology so your productivity will never be interrupted


5 Steps to Having a Fast, Reliable and Cost-effective IT Solution that Works Perfectly for Your Company

  • End all ongoing IT issues in your business
  • Avoid all your unnecessary IT expenditures
  • Ensure your office always has fast internet

Switching your IT provider?

Is your current IT provider slowing you down? Eliminate all your ongoing issues and make a no-downtime transition.

Need help with IT support or management?

We’ll help you take care of all your IT so you can focus on your core business. Never spend an afternoon trying to fix email problems again!

Want some advice on your current IT situation?

Get a customised plan that fits your company size and growth so your team can get more work done.

Do any of these sound like a situation you’re in?

  • “We keep having computer and IT problems. It’s time to take care of them.”
  • “We’re setting up our new office and we need help with the IT setup”
  • “We’re getting frustrated with the level of service from our IT provider”
  • “I think we’ve outgrown our current IT”
  • “Our technology plan/ IT roadmap needs some work”
  • “I’m not sure my IT spending is in line with what I’m getting”
  • “I need a second opinion on a technology problem”
  • “Our IT guy needs some help …”
  • “Can ‘The Cloud’ work for our business?”
  • “We have so many IT problems, I don’t even know where to start”

Some common questions answered …

How do Managed IT Services and IT Support work?

Our Managed IT Services is an all-in-one support solution customised to your business. From strategic planning to day-to-day support, system monitoring to maintenance. We help you take care of everything about your technology so you and your team don’t have to troubleshoot IT problems because when you go to the office, you know your technology just works.

Why is Managed IT Services ideal for businesses with 5 – 50 staff?

When you engage a reliable IT Managed Service Provider, it’s like having a Chief Information Officer (CIO) on staff, but without the extra payroll. Technology touches almost every business process these days, making the position of CIO critical to any organisation. But for most companies with 5 – 50 staff, having a CIO on staff is not cost-effective. This is why so many small to medium size businesses work with us to get their IT under control without spending a fortune on dedicated internal staff.

What services do you provide for business?

Our services include everything you need to ensure your team reaches their highest productivity, isn’t disrupted by IT problems, and enjoys best-practice IT security and protection:

  • Onsite technical support
  • Helpdesk/remote desktop support
  • Cyber security and IT network security
  • Enterprise backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud computing and cloud migration
  • Proactive network and systems management
  • Preventative server/systems maintenance
  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Software and application integration
  • Phone systems

What should we expect from your IT support? 

We have all been on one of those “support calls” where we’ve been kept waiting and waiting and still weren’t able to get the issue fixed. We believe if the IT system is being monitored and supported proactively, “support calls” or reporting a problem is unnecessary. However, occasional technology issues are inevitable. Files will accidentally be deleted. Passwords will be forgotten. When these things happen, your employees will have someone to call for help 24/7. But they won’t have to sit on hold for hours or wait around all day. When they call our Support Desk, they’ll be talking to an engineer in 90 seconds on average who can start troubleshooting the problem. Many problems can be resolved in less than 15 minutes.

What industries do you work with?

We’ve been helping clients in many shapes, sizes, and industries get better results from their technology. Some of the industries are:

  • Real Estate
  • Construction and Development
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services and Accounting
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Manufacturing

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